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Just north-west of Milan is Senago with a population of around 19,357. Originally settled by first the Celts and than the Romans, Senago has grown to become an agricultural and industrial community. A visit to the Museo dellAgricultura on Via Brodolini would inform you of some aspects of the towns past. Spend a weekend. Senago has many old villas. The most well known is Borromeo Villa started under Cardinal Ferderico Borromeo in 1600. Staying in Senago hotels will allow you the luxury of exploring this immense structure and wandering the well-treed park. If you do not like this elaborate structure, visit the Verzolo-Monzini Villa. Built in the 1700s, enlarged in 1850 with ceiling frescoes added, the Villa now hosts a library. Tourists may wander the Villas English-style gardens.After leaving hotels in Senago, consider exploring the engineering feat of the Villoresi Channel or visit the neo-gothic Villa Pontae. Senago also has several churches including the parish church and those of S. Bernardo or S. Senaghino. To save money on your trip, check out discount hotels Senago or Senago cheap hotels with