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Sesto San Giovanni, population around 80,000, is in Lombardy sesto miles from Milan. In the Middle Ages, it was a small agricultural community. It later became an industrial town with the location of the Breda, Falck and Marelli factories. Its pride in this aspect of its past is reflected in the Museo dellIndustria e del Lavoro. Yet, staying in the hotels in Sesto San Giovanni also exposes you to a past of great villas. These include the Mylius Villa from the 1850s with its drawing room and grand botanical gardens, the Campari Villa from 1826 with the original neo-classical exterior and 1903 onwards interior. The Pelucca Villa is also neoclassical in design and features the frescoes of Bernardino LuiniStay a weekend. Sesto San Giovanni can provide various attractions to hold your interest, including the Villa Visconti of Aragon with its summer program of outdoor movies. Sesto San Giovanni hotels allow you to explore sundry churches. Check with to find the best deals including Sesto San Giovanni cheap hotels geared to your budget or discount hotels. Sesto San Giovanni - yours to explore.