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    Because it is the home of many of today’s best and most coveted cars in the world, including the Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini, many people come and stay in hotels in Modena. From Modena hotels, you can also visit a number of attractions, including the Secchia and Panaro Rivers, which border the town on either side. Even if you are only planning to spend a weekend, Modena is full of tourist attractions, including the Via Emilia (a main street), the Palazzo dei Musei, and the Piazza Grande.In terms of discount hotels, Modena locations may be able to help you but these are not common. With sights like the Este Library and Picture Gallery and the Torre Ghirlandina, it’s no wonder people look for Modena cheap hotels. A visit to the Viale Fontanelli or the Viale Berengario may be just what the doctor ordered. Contact to get more information on Modena from the premier source for all your Italian travel needs.