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Arzano is a medium-sized town located in the Southern Italian region of Campania; it is part of the province of Naples and contains roughly 38 thousand inhabitants. The city is quite an important industrial center, with its economy based primarily on the production of linen and hemp. As with many towns in Italy, Arzano has an old history, with the area having been occupied even before Roman times. The patron saint of the town is SantAgrippino and one of the impressive sights to visit in the town is the Parochial Church of SantAgrippino, built in the 1500s. Indeed, the town is quite religious and one of its highlights is its annual Festival, a religious singing festival organized by the Evangelical Baptist Church. Lastly, besides its religious nature, Arzano is also known for its annual short-film festival, called Arzano Humor Ciak; films presented are mostly comical and ironic, while some also aim at informing the public about problematic social realities. If youd like to go off the beaten tourist track and explore Southern Italys religion and social reality for a weekend, Arzano is the place for you. Use to find the discount hotels Arzano has to offer; in Arzano, cheap hotels are numerous. If youre not interested specifically in hotels in Arzano, look in areas surrounding Arzano; hotels should be easy to find.