Hotels in Castel Capuano

    Castel Capuano Details

    Of all the attractions drawing visitors to Naples in Italy, the spectacular Castel Capuano is among the most intriguing. The Castel Capuano is a castle in Naples, which was named so because it lies upon the road that led from Naples into the city of Capua. The castle is a very popular site to visit in the city and at one time was home to the Hall of Justice for the city of Naples.

    This amazing castle in the city was constructed in the 12th Century and because it has undergone many restorations, it remains in excellent condition. The many basements of the castle were once used as prisons and one may want to be cautious of ghosts haunting the building's lower floors. The many fine discount hotels near the Castel Capuano in Naples, are all optimal places to stay. The ancient city gate called the Porta Capuana is also located near the castle, and is another important stop on the way to the castle for a visit.