Hotels in Centro Direzionale

    Centro Direzionale Details

    Its a well known fact that the city of Naples, in Italy, has historic and ancient places to visit, but knowing this, it might be easy to overlook the new buildings throughout the city. One such new building in the city is the Centro Direzionale or the Naples Civic Center. The idea for the building design was borrowed from the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, who has designed many buildings in the city of Tokyo.

    The huge civic center covers an impressive one sq. kilometer of space, right in the heart of the city of Naples. The Centro Driezionale is easy to find because it is located right by the Naples Central Train Station. The center is also near an ancient historical prison, and when you book a discount hotel near the Centro Direzionale in Naples, you will find no shortage of exciting or interesting places to explore. This impressive center is like a miniature city in itself filled with office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants.