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    Any seasoned traveler knows that one of the major problems with going out on vacation is the lack of exercise. When youre in a city like Naples, surrounded by delicious local cuisine on all sides, this is even more of an issue to overcome. The facilities here are considered to be quite excellent with a number of open courts you can play on, and, if youre serious about it, private instructors who can show you how to play one of the most popular games in the country with skill and finesse. Whats more, this is a popular place to pick up a game, so youre almost guaranteed to meet some fascinating locals at the same time, making this a truly rewarding experience. So, put on some shorts, pick up a racket, and get ready to work up an appetite.

    Address: Via Francesco Caracciolo, 80122 Napoli, Italy

    Phone: +39 081 669588