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Pompei or Pompeii is a city youll find in the province of Napoli in the Campania region. With a population of 23,000, the ruined city of Pompei features a modern Roman-like town. Thus, youll find a lot of historical Roman structures in the city. First to visit is the Santa Maria del Rosario Church. It has been a favourite pilgrimage area especially during the 8th of May and during the first Sunday of October, the two Feasts of the Virgin Mary. Another attraction is the Street of Tombs. It is one of the most attractive parts of Pompei. It features monuments of notable people. It is likened to Via Appia just outside Rome. Here you can also visit the mysterious Villa dei Misteri. Discover the ancient wall paintings from the pre-Augustan period. Another place to visit is the Casa del Fauno. It is known to be the most extravagant mansion in the city. The Terme del Foro features Roman or Greek baths in the Via delle Terme.

For a great sightseeing weekend, Pompei will provide more than you can cover in a few days. If you are to spend quality time at each attraction, you will probably need a few more days. Why not search for cheap Pompei hotels to allow you to stretch your budget There are a number of discount hotels Pompei has to offer. Start searching for great deals on Pompei hotels. Check out the list of hotels in Pompei through