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    Procida is part of the Neopolitan islands believed to be the least showy amongst the rest. Although secluded, you can get a good look at the Aragonese castle which was built in the 15th century. When you are at the castle, be sure to check out the scenic view of the town. After a visit at Aragonese, a tour to the ‘cinema’ places in Procida can complete your weekend. Procida has been the location for some famous films such as “Il Postino”. Another noteworthy place to visit is the Corricella where some of the scenes in the film “The Talented Mr. Ripley” were shot. From movies to real-life drama, visitors can witness and participate in a procession during Lenten Season. The Procession of Mysteries during Good Friday is a must-see. The procession is organized by the Congregation of the Turchini.When in town, it is recommended that you stay at Procida hotels. Hotels in Procida can accommodate the individual, the family or groups. You can book a room through If for instance, you are on a tight budget, then cheap Procida hotels are the answer to your prayers. There are also discount hotels Procida has to offer for the more discerning travelers.