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      For an unprecedented look of Mount Vesuvius, visit Sorrento, population 7,000 ca. not far from Pompeii or Naples. For a week or weekend, Sorrento delivers a first rate tourist experience with the views of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples as well as the elegant Piazzo Tasso, named after the famous local poet Torquanto Tasso and the celebrated Duomo from the 15th century. Book Sorrento hotels well in advance with Hotels in Sorrento may be hard to come by. It is also financially wise if you try to find Sorrento cheap hotels or discount hotels. Sorrento might be expensive for some tourists, so it is best to save where you can.

      Exploring Sorrento leads you to uncover its ancient Greek, Etruscan and Ocan origins as well as its Roman, Byzantine and Angevin past. The Piazzo Tasso is the core of the town. From here, tour the Palazzo Vinerio with its 13th century decorative work or the Basilica Dominova di S. Antonio with its 11th century structure remade in a baroque style. From the Villa Communale enjoy the gardens and a panoramic view or take the ramps downwards to the Marina Piccola on Sorrento harbor. There is also the Marina Grande, the Museo Correale with art from the 16th to 19th centuries and the baroque church of San Francesco with its medieval cloister.