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        The province of Nuoro is one of the most traditional provinces in Sardinia. After centuries of development in the country, the province of Nuoro has kept intact it traditional language. The ways of the people and its language can be seen in their Ethnographic Museum. The museum shows the old artifacts of Sardinia with jewels and handicrafts from the village. Nuoro is also visited because of its proximity to Monte Ortobene. Almost a kilometer high, the climb will be worth it when you reach the summit showing you the view of the village and surrounding towns. Part of Nuoro is a small village of Galtellì. Though small, the village has a natural wonder called the Sa Pedra Istampada, an arch that reaches up to 30 meters, purely sculptured by the winds.You can select from a wide variety Nuoro hotels found in any town when you visit them for the weekend. Nuoro is one province that will give you sights and wonders that will make you stay for the whole summer. The hotels in Nuoro can vary from big hotel chains to family owned discount hotels. Nuoro travel packages are available online especially in where you can find Nuoro cheap hotels that goes with the package.