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    The town of Oliena is a joy for two different groups of tourists. One type spends several days away from their hotels in Oliena spelunking in the nearby caves or climbing the rocky crags. Another faction, lovers of ecclesiastical art, prefers to explore the many churches. This village has 11 churches. Once famous for sheltering bandits, it now provides a wealth of art treasures and architectural delights. The Church of Santa Maria sits in the center of town. It has a tall bell clock tower topped by a cusp. The plain facade is an ideal example of Gothic-Catalan architecture.It is easy to reach the major sights in town from most Oliena hotels. The former St. Ignatius Jesuit Church has 3 chapels off a central nave. Cornice pillars a triumphal arch and a neo-Classical altar are all features of St. Ignatius. The church of Santa Cruce was constructed in 1580. It dates from the 17th century. The design is simple with colonnades and a bell gable instead of a tower. The old buttresses are clearly seen on the exterior. So, too is a large wooden cross. Inside is a wooden tabernacle. If you have not had enough of church art, head for San Lassorio, St. Francesco or St. Lucia. To stay longer to admire the simple designs of St. Joseph or St. Bonaria, let guide you to a clean, comfortable hotel in Oliena.