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Orosei is a town located in the eastern part of the island of Sardinia. In this part of the island, particularly in this town, you will find the Ispinigoli Cave. It’s a haven for spelunkers where they will find an ancient church. The cave also houses one the biggest monoliths in the world. If you stay here for the weekend, Orosei could be better appreciated when you visit St. James Maggiore Church. You will find an impressive statue of the Madonna del Remegio. The church was though to have been built in from the 17th to the 18th centuries. Also not to be missed when you stay here for the summer is the Ham Fair, held every August of the year. Sardinian ham is a specialty which is being simmered in red wine.Orosei is also a tropical paradise and most of the hotels in Orosei are located near its shores. For discount hotels, Orosei is still a great place to stay even when you live in the village proper. Orosei hotels are perfect with packages especially when you book them online. Websites such as can offer Orosei cheap hotels along with seasonal packages. With travel packages, you can have a rounded experience of Orosei.