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On the northeastern coast of Sardinia in the Nuoro province, the town of Posada appears to be tumbling down the hillside to the coast line. At the top of the hill you will see the tower of the town's medieval fortress standing out above the surrounding historic center. If you choose a discount hotel in Posada in or around the historic center you will have spectacular views of the coast. If you prefer a budget Posada hotel that is closer to the water, those are available as well - just be sure you are prepared for some steep hills up to the historic city center.During the Roman era, Posada was known as Feronia or Pheronia. It contained the town of Portus Luguidonis, which is now known as San Giovanni di Posada. The Church of St. John (San Giovanni) is a small white chapel that sits on the beach where the port once was. In the historic center of Posada, the Castello della Fava is the main attraction. Its tower dates from the 13th century and offers some incredible panoramic views of the area.