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    Tortoli is a town that is the bread and butter of the Ogliastra region in Italy. The town is home to one of the major airports in the area and its harbor is vital to the province’s economy. The town’s coast is well known for having distinctive “red rocks”. can help anyone find hotels in Tortolì that overlook the sea. Some tourists might even be able to get discount hotels Tortolì offer near the location of the Blues festival that is held every year on the beaches.Or for a historical vibe one weekend Tortoli offers what used to be a cathedral, the church of St. Andrew, It has a baroque style contains varied pieces of art and a impressive sized marble altar. Vacationers looking for Tortolì hotels will want to be aware of San Salvatore Park, the place of the inspiring Tomba dei Giganti. It is a collection of massive caves in one general space. With Tortolì cheap hotels and the town’s variety of attractions make it a great place to stay while staying in Italy.