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Baunei is a small village on a limestone ridge on the island of Sardinia. This karst landscape provides some scenic opportunities. You can view some panoramic views from the village. You can see the natural beauties by looking out the windows of many of the rustic Baunei hotels. can help you with a list of suggested accommodation, including family-run discount Baunei hotels. It is then up to you to follow your feet to the local sights.One of the major attractions in town is the Parish Church. The Church of St. Nicholas of Bari dates back to the 11th century. It was made to match the changes with an architectural update in 1600. Today, it has 3 naves. Inside is a 17th century painting by Andreas Luxury. What is the most striking feature, however, is the tower. Sitting on its peak is a sail. This is an original touch lacking in the more traditional Ciesa di San Pietro (18th century). To discover the lore behind this intriguing embellishment, you can head over to the Historical Museum of Ethnography. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the past. There are exhibits of historical objects and furnishings. In the Museum, you will find moments of time captured for all to see. Tired, but historically replete, you can then return to your comfortable bed in a Baunei hotel to sleep, perchance to dream.