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Sardinia is an island located to the west of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. This long inhabited isle is visited by people all over the world for its natural parks, sun splashed beaches and clear waters. In the Ogliastra province in the southeastern region of the island is the town of Jerzu. It’s about 20 kilometers from Tortoli and 70 kilometers from Cagliari. Choosing an discount hotel in Jerzu means that you will enjoy a small town atmosphere with just 3,500 inhabitants in the middle of a gorgeous landscape.The geography on the island is incredible, with green rolling hills, rocky outcrops and plunging valleys. Walkers, hikers, and bikers will simply be in heaven here. The tacchi di Lumburau is a lovely rocky outcrop in the middle of a green field. The Church of San Antonio is a quaint little church outside of town, and festivals, like Madonna delle Grazie in May and Sant’Antonio on June 13 are a frequent attraction during the summer. The town is famous for the Cannonau di Jerzu wine, so be sure to taste some before you leave the island.