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The Feast of Santa Barbara takes place in May. The Festival of Santa Maria is in September. The 3-day celebration of the patron Saint, Sant’Antioco takes place 15 days after Easter. These are the busiest times to visit the town of Ulassai. Be sure to book hotels in Ulassai in advance. You do not want to miss out on the parades and religious ceremonies. They all focus around the Chisea di Santa Barbara. This church is in the old town core. It dates from the 13th century. Inside, you will find not famous works, but those of the local citizens. Woodcarvings and carefully wrought items indicate the importance of the church and its rural roots.The town Hall is also worth visiting. In a town of some 17,000, you will easily locate it not far from many central Ulassai hotels. helps you find the ideal spot in an Ulassai hotel. It might be near the Library with access to the history of the community. It could be closer to the remains of the oldest parts town. These include the ancient walls and the arch of the Barigar, one of the former guarded entryways into the town.