Hotels in Budoni

Budoni Details

The town of Budoni puts up thousands of visitors annually in a variety of Budoni hotels for one reason – 18km of coastline. This is a resort town. It has a river that dries up during the summer. The beach, however, remains forever. It has the usual accoutrements – cafés, seaside facilities and sporting opportunities. A popular time to arrive is during the great festivities of Ferrugosto Budonese in August. You will need to ensure you get a suitable room in a Budoni hotel during this month. Yet, there are other reasons to remain for a while in a comfortable hotel in Budoni. There is the older central core with its many attractions.First on any visitor’s agenda is the Chiesa. This is the Church of St. John the Baptist. Here is the patron Saint of the town. The church is not a new one. It has ancient roots, but construction completed on this newer building in 1969. It is a tent shaped structure, reflecting the local style. It has 14 embossed copper paintings. A large wooden cross hangs suspended from the ceiling. On it is a marvellous Christ molded from clay by Francesco Masuri. From the previous church is a wooden statue of St. John the Baptist. The restoration work is by Peter Baccius (1992). From the Church, wander over to the Town Hall on Piazzo Giubileo (Jubilee Square). You can also head to the towered monument or Nuragh, the ancient Su Entosu.