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    Olbia Details

    Olbia is one town frequently visited by tourists for various reasons. The beaches of Olbia have beautiful golden to white sands almost surrounding the eastern side of the town. Getting there is a breeze as the town has their own airport which is only 4 kilometers from the town center. The airport is open for various European flights. Aside from the beaches, there’s also the historic Church of St Paolo and the Church of San Simplicio. With the churches as old as the 17th century, it has its own distinct architecture called the Gallurese form of design.Most of the hotels in Olbia are found near the beaches of the town. In a weekend, Olbia receives visitors from all over the European countries eager to stay in many of the Olbia hotels. With the travel packages of Olbia, cheap hotels are easily accessible especially online. guarantees not only discount hotels, but the best accommodation at its lowest rates.