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    San Teodoro in Olbia-Tempio Province, Sardinia Region, which includes a number of hamlets and villages, dates back to the 14th century. It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so visitors can enjoy the sandy, white La Cinta beach and a lagoon that is home to many plants and animals. In this area olives, citrus fruit, grapes and vegetables flourish. Soccer and basketball are popular sports. San Teodoro offers many attractions including The Feast of San Gaetano on a summer weekend, annual cattle fairs, Parko di Tavolaro, kite flying and windsurfing events, the Uanciu Free Jazz Festival, BenVinuti wine festival, Il Museo delle Civilta del Mare and a religious celebration called Festa del Patrono di San Teodoro. There are many San Teodoro hotels – both luxurious and cheaper, discount hotels – to choose from. To find a listing of hotels, go to Olbia also has a beach – Cala Brandinchi – one of 18 in the Sardinia Region. Here you can see the Basilica of San Simplicio as well. Also nearby is Cala Girgolu, another naturally beautiful site. Hundreds of young people flock to Cala Girgolu for its lively nightlife. In nearby Venice you will find the amazing Piazza San Marco, quaint streets, boating, gondola rides and much more.