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If you arrive during Tempio Pausania’s carnival, you will want to spend the weekend. Tempio Pausania goes all out to celebrate. This town of around 14,000 has very ancient routes. From the hotels in Tempio Pausania, travelers can visit the sites of prehistoric dwellings the Naracu Maori and the Naracu Polcu. These curious granite structures contrast with the other edifices of the town. Tempio Pausania has some large Palazzos for tourists to see. These include the Villamarina-Pez from the 1700s and the Palazzo Scolopi or Scolopi convent on the Carmine Piazza. From Tempio Pausania hotels, visitors can also wander the cobblestone streets to look at the churches. Include the Chiesco di Croce and the granite stone Oratorio of the Rosary with its Gothic-Aragonese façade.A complete tour of Tempio Pausania requires more than a weekend. Extend your stay through booking with For practical purposes, you may want to select Tempio Pausania cheap hotels or stay in discount hotels. Tempio Pausania offers so many attractions on site or nearby. These include the Baroque Cathedral of S. Peter with its Bell tower in the Aragonese style. For a glimpse at Tempio Pausania’s modern history, visit the Railway Station built in the 1930s or the revamped old jail in Market Square that now houses the Tourist Office.