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        Situated on the northern banks of the Temo River, the town of Bosa, Italy has lots to offer vacationers and residents alike. The pride of the city, Bosa Marina and the beach nearby, was recently voted the most beautiful beach in all of Italy (2006). When you're tired of beachcombing, walk around the pier to the mysterious defense bastion rising out of the sea in front of you—Torre di Bosa. Inside, murals from generations long ago illustrate village life as it has been in Bosa for centuries. Other long-lost castles dot the landscape in and around Bosa for those who want to explore further. However, great care has been taken to preserve the Sardinian coast in as natural state as possible for future generations to enjoy—be sure to tread lightly.More than 8,000 people live here, making it one of the larger towns on the island of Sardinia. Back in the historic town center, there is lots to see—churches, restaurants, and lots of hotels. In fact, the town has a bit of religious historic significance. The catholic diocese of Bosa was founded in 1612, and according to legend the first bishop of the town was St. Emilius, sent by St. Peter himself in 70 A.D. If you're looking to stay for a while, hotels in Bosa in discount price brackets can be found here as well as more sumptuous ones.