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The city of Cabras, Italy is a commune in the province of Oristano, which is located in the Sardinia region of the country. It is about 90 km northwest to the larger city of Cagliari and about 6 km northwest of Oristano. The city is small, with a population under 9000 people. Within the city limits are several neighborhoods worth visiting, especially Solanas, which is a quaint residential town. If you are coming to visit, plan to stay in the discount hotels in Cabras, Italy.Cabras is also close to the city of Oristano, which is on the seashore. This has helped to bring in tourists throughout the year. Staying in Cabras is often less expensive than Oristano. This area also has a strong fishing industry, which is what the local economy is based on. If you are planning a trip to this coastline, do book your stay at one of the cheap hotels in Cabras, Italy.