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Riola Sardo is a small town in the Island of Sardinia. Even if the town is near to the beaches, Riola Sardo is not credited for any beaches in the island. However, the town is known for its agricultural produce. Olives, rice, fruits and wines comes from this town and they are widely distributed throughout the island. In the town’s center you can find the Casa Carta which is one of the oldest structures in the island. Equally important to the town is the Chiesa di San Martino with an impressive tower that stands tall among the structures in Riola Sardo that existed since the 18th century. Not far from the village is the ancient structure of Chiesa di S. Corona where you can still make out the remains of the structure that was estimated to have been built in 1580.You can easily find hotels in Riola Sardo when you visit The website offers travel packages and great rates for Riola Sardo hotels. Aside from the rates of discount hotels, Riola Sardo also has farm houses that you can rent for the summer as you stay here for the weekend. Riola Sardo has numerous products to be enjoyed and Riola Sardo cheap hotels offer its visitors great Italian gastronomic feasts that you will not forget.