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Abano Terme is one of the most famous European locations for thermal baths and mud baths; with its large number of hotels, all equipped with areas for hot spring treatments, it is considered by many the largest thermal bath city in the world. There are at least 78 hotels with thermal baths, which offer high quality services in the area of thermal treatments, to which are often associated other types of wellness and fitness treatments. If you want a relaxation weekend, Abano Terme is a perfect spot! Use to find the discount hotels Abano Terme has to offer; if not in Abano Terme, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. Abano Terme hotels offer a range of services; read reviews on various hotels in Abano Terme to find one that’s perfect for your needs.The town is in the province of Padua, in the Northern Italian region of Veneto; it’s found on the eastern slope of the Colli Euganei (the Euganei Hills). The center of town is characterized by a huge pedestrian area lined with both modern and old buildings, large hotels with manicured gardens, shops, restaurants and bars. Besides lounging in a spa, you could also do some sightseeing and check out Colle del Montirone, where you’ll find the remains of one of the most coveted ancient thermal baths. There’s also the Duomo di San Lorenzo to check out as well as the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Salute.