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During a time of civil war, the city of Padua ordered the construction of a walled military outpost as part of its defenses. It was 1220, and the resulting city of Cittadella emerged over a series of expansions to the original fortress. By the completion, it was a polygon-shaped walled city with 32 towers, a moat, and a drawbridge at each of its four gates.Today, the walls have been mostly restored to their original form. They measure from 14 to 16 meters in height, the entire length is 1,461 meters, and the diameter of the walled shape is about 450 meters. The Rocca di Porta Bassano, one of the original gates, is still a fantastic example of defenses at the time. During the restoration of the Captain’s House (Casa del Capitano) inside the fort, important frescos were discovered that provide a historical account of events between 1260 and 1600. Visitors can take the stairs or elevator inside the Porta Vicenza Tower to access the top of the walls and can walk about ¾ of the perimeter. For a good rest after your day of reliving life in the fort, check right here at for some great budget hotels in Cittadella.