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Palermo is a province on the southwestern part of the island of Sicily; it is bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The area has been inhabited since Mesolithic times; indeed, ancient rock art has been found that dates back to this period, which constitutes one of the most important examples of art proto-history. Archaeological remains abound in this province, and one of the more popular tourist attractions is the ancient Greek colony of Himera. There is also Solunto, dating to the 4th century BC, founded by the Carthaginians. Besides historical monuments, the province is also rich in natural beauty, with an impressive coastline. One of the most beautiful coastal towns is Terrasini; attractions here include a natural park, a WWF Oasis and a majestic cathedral. It is in the province of Palermo, furthermore, that youll find the town of Corleone, the setting for Mario Puzos epic story, The Godfather. If youre looking for an entertaining Sicilian adventure for a weekend, Palermo may be just what you need.