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An authentic Middle Ages castle. Secret underground tunnels. The fabled skull of Jesus' godmother. And all with a healthy dose of Sicilian charm. The town of Castelbuono has much to offer anyone who is even mildly interested in history. In the famous Castle of Castelbuono, you can visit the highly decorated Capella Palatina (Palace Chapel), and view the skull said to belong to St. Anna, the old woman who prophesied over baby Jesus in the temple. Visit the castle dungeon and the tunnel that leads from the castle to the Church of San Francesco. And of course, keep your eyes peeled for plenty of trap doors and secret passageways. When you've finished the Castle, head on down to Madrice Vecchia, a 14th century church built on the ruins of a pagan temple.Not one for history Stroll through the streets of Castelbuono, take in the countryside, and help yourself to the Sicilian ice cream at one of the many coffee shops. Be sure to try the local delicacy, called "manna," a light, whitish substance harvested from ash trees in the area and used as a sweetener (and also a laxative, so beware). A few discount hotels in town offer rooms for inexpensive prices, but most hotels in Castelbuono will run you a little bit more, just check our rates at