Hotels in Misilmeri

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Misilmeri Details

At, you can find inexpensive hotels to book in all of your favorite Italian cities, including Misilmeri, Italy. This commune is in the Palermo Province in Sicily, Italy. It is about 15km from the larger city called Palermo. The name of the city translates to "the resting place or the message of the Emir". The city dates to the time of the Saracen rule of Sicily when the city was then named Manzil-Al-Emir. You can find cheap hotels in Misilmeri, Italy.The city is a moderate size, with about 24,000 people calling it home. It is in the southern slopes of the Montagna Grande range, which is why many come to the city. There are several ski slopes here. However, the city is mostly residential and agricultural in nature. Some old castle-like ruins are here. If you are planning a visit to the city, do plan to book your discount hotels in Misilmeri, Italy here on