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    If you are looking for a quaint little Italian village where you can spend the weekend, Monreale is the town you seek. Monreale hotels place you on the slope of Monte Caputo Mountain, overlooking the amazing view of the fertile La Conca d’Oro valley, whose name translates to the Golden Shell. With several discount hotels, Monreale is also a financially intelligent place to stay a few days, whether your goal is to see all the local sights or spend some time in the nearby city of Palermo.If you are staying in hotels in Monreale to catch a few attractions within the small town, which has a comfortably intimate population of around 25,000, there are a couple of sights you definitely should put on your list. The Monreale Duomo is architecturally astounding, and the Cathedral in Monreale dates back centuries. When planning your trip to Monreale, cheap hotels are easy to find, especially with the services of backing you. With so many exciting reasons to go, you should stop putting off your trip to the Italian countryside.