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Santa Cristina Gela is situated in the rolling hills of northern Sicily. The town is one of 82 in Palermo Province, Sicily and lies right next to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Though its population is a mere 950, the town has much to offer as a tourist destination. Aside from seashore fun, one can also spend several days exploring this town of olive and cherry trees. Santa Cristina Gela offers such sites as the 16th century Cathedral Church Major, a wooden sculpture in the Chiesa Madre dedicated to Jesus as a child called San Giuseppe and the Bambino and which was erected in the 14th century. There are also many events including Festival Cathedral Church Major held on a weekend to honor their patron saint. Santa Cristina Gela and area has a number of five star and cheaper discount hotels.There are also many tourist attractions in the surrounding communities. Sites include a Liberty style Villa Musachhia with its Vannucci Ramione fortress in Pianetto, the Antropological Museum and Gurfa Grottoes in Alia, Church of San Michele built in 623 A.D. in Altavilla Milicia and the 8th century Calatubo Castle in Balestrate. There are also castles in Caccamo, Campofelice di Roccella and 10th century Arabic baths in Cefalà Diana.