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For the ultimate in the spa treatment, one should plan a trip to Italy’s Termini Imerese. Its name meaning "hot springs of Himera,” Termini Imerese is located on the coast of the Sicily region, full of natural springs. For a getaway weekend, Termini Imerese has plenty of hotels that can found using In fact, there are Termini Imerese hotels that utilize the springs situated near them as part of the package and luxuries they offer.Since the town is split into to an upper and lower section, hotels in Termini Imerese may be near the public transportation area or the center of the city. In addition to the discount hotels Termini Imerese has many of its attractions well within walking distance of one another. There is the Villa Palmieri, a public park containing the ruins of a Roman construction. Also, there is a Piazza Duomo, a church built in the 14th century. Via del Museo contains relics and a coin collection. Termini Imerese cheap hotels are also great to get during the town’s Carnival Mardi Gras Festival, one of the best in the region.