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On the island of Sicily, in the province of Palermo, the town of Trabia is found in the Conca d’Oro. The Conca d’Oro is a large plain that ends at the Tyrhennian Sea and is framed by the Monti di Palermo and the Monte Pellegrino (Palermo and Pellegrino Mountains). In a military document from the Arab Emiro Aadelkun El Chbir in 827 A.D., the town of Trabia is described as being fully occupied and well defended, an important strategic point for Palermo.Today, people visit the town for its proximity to the sea and for its culinary traditions. It has been suggested that the town of Trabia could be called the ‘patria’ of pasta, which can be translated as the father, or creator, of pasta. A document dated from 1154 A.D. describes several different types of pasta that were being manufactured in and exported from Tabia. A good time to try Tabia’s pasta today would be at the Sagra delle Nespole in May each year, the town’s annual cultural festival and feast. Search for your budget Tabia hotel here on for the best options.