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At, we can make your trip to Italy a breeze, finding you Medesano cheap hotels that place you in the thick of a tourist haven. About 100 kilometers northwest of Bologna, Medesano is full of interesting villages and hamlets, as well as a number of attractions that lure tourists annually, including the Certosa di Parma monastery and the Chiesa di San Sepolcro, a historical church. If you are interested in finding a quiet but fulfilling place to stay for a weekend, Medesano can offer you the best accommodations.In terms of discount hotels, Medesano may not have a huge selection, but the hotels in Medesano are worth the cost, placing you near the Biblioteca Palatina, a well known library in the region, and the Palazzo Pallavicino, a palace that draws a lot of attention. When you stay in Medesano hotels, you’ll notice the Italian hospitality that can be found in small towns and come to appreciate the seclusion of such an area.