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Just south of Milan great lodging can be found at cheap hotels in Mornico Losana. Mornico Losana is a traditional agriculture area in the Italian countryside dedicated to wine, rice, and dairy products. The area is also rich in history. The Cathedral of Pavia dates to 1488 and is uniquely shaped in an octagon form. Work on the cathedral continued to the late 19th century. Barbarossa was crowned at the San Michele Maggiore in 1155. This church is completely constructed of sandstone and was built in the 11th century. San Michele Maggiore is considered a true example of Lombard Romanesque architecture. These and many other attractions give you reasons to book a cheap Mornico Losana hotel on, not sandstone, was used to build the Basilica San Pietro in Ciel dOro. The St. Peter in the Sky Cathedral is one of the oldest in the area dating to the 6th century. St. Augustine and other luminaries of the church are buried at the cathedral and it is mentioned in Dantes Divine Comedy. Discount hotels in Mornico Losana are also near the University of Paua, one of the oldest schools of higher education in Europe. The main buildings of the campus were constructed beginning in the 15th century and include examples of various different architectural styles, from Baroque to Neo Classical.