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While youre traveling in Italy, you may not be able to see this small town as this place is not located along the road. But if you have a weekend, Montone is a magical place to visit. Virtually unscathed by time, Montone is able to keep the heritage while accepting the changes of modernization. Once you arrive there, youll feel like youve been transported to the medieval age especially in July when they celebrate the Donazione Della Santa Spina, an annual sporting event featuring medieval games. Almost a week before that, theres the Montone Film Festival that is held in their little plaza. Go hiking, biking, horseback riding and enjoy other summer activities. For a little piece of history, you can visit the Museo Comunale and the Ethnografic Museum in Montone.There are hotels in Montone that will come very good for the budget constrained. These Montone cheap hotels can give you the feeling of being at home. Youll experience in most of the Montone hotels the classic Italian home cooked meals. When night dawns in the discount hotels, Montone locals come together and share a story or two in one of their bars. In, youll see most of the hotels in Montone with great rates.