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Perugia, a beautiful city located in the center of Italy, is known for its beautiful churches, mansions and contribution to the arts. Its most famous son, Pietro Vannucci, was the teacher of the widely regarded best artist of the Renaissance art, Raphael. You will find the works of the great teacher in Collegio de Cambio which forms a part of the Palazzo dei Priori. You can also admire other works of Raphael and Pietro Vannucci in the Church of San Severo. In this church, you will see the frescoes created by these famous artists. However, among the structures that you should be visiting is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, where parts of the structure were built as early as the 10th century. The city is not only shaped by its structures, but by its dedication to music, as well. Every July, the city hosts the annual Umbria Jazz festival. The hotels in Perugia can give you easy access to the various places of interest when you come here for the weekend. Perugia has numerous places of interest so tourists usually hire a guide to acquaint them with the important places in Perugia. Cheap hotels can also give you great accommodation and some even gives you a great perspective of the structures in Perugia. Hotels in this town should be booked in advance especially in the month of October when they celebrate the Eurochocolate. You can book the discount hotels Perugia has to offer in advance in