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        An urban center and hill town in Umbria is Perugia. You need to spend several days within the city if you wish to explore all the sights. Here you can visit the Bakers Guild Hall. The frescoed walls date from 1496 to 1500. They are the work of Petro Vannucci or Perugine (1450-1523). Plan also to visit the Galleria Nazionale dellUmbria. You can locate it on the 4th floor of the Palazzo dei Priori. Its focus is on past and present native artists.Art is omnipresent in Perugia. You can see it in the Palazzo dei Priori. This 13th century building features numerous representations of the citys former power a carved gryphon and an eagle, for example, on its façade. The Duomo rises above its square. Perugia stole the wedding ring of the Virgin Mary to place it within this cathedrals chapel. It is but one of many memorable sights within the city center. You will need time to explore them all. Visit the Fontana Maggiore with its sculptures and bas reliefs, the little SS Severo e Agata from the 13th century and the Baroque San Felipi Neri.