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Valtopina, Italy is located in the Perugia Province. can help travelers book hotels in Valtopina for a week or weekend. Valtopina is nearby to the area where the Associazione Modellisti Foligno Citta' Ferroviaria meets. This is an association filled with steam locomotive enthusiasts. Those staying in Valtopina hotels may also be interested in the never-ending traditional festivals in the region.Travelers should definitely look for the discount hotels Valtopina offers for the Truffle Market and Exhibition. A variety of truffles are sold at the dozens are so stalls that are set up each year at this event. Plus, lessons are given to attendees on how and where to find the best truffles. And tourists should try to book Valtopina cheap hotels for the Mostra Mercato del Ricamo e del Tessuto Artigianale. Embroidery by hand is an ancient tradition in the town of Valtopina and it is showcased and celebrated during this annual event.