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      The province of Pisa is located in the northern Italian region of Tuscany, or Toscana in Italian; a small part of its western border is bathed by the Ligurian Sea. The northern part of the province is crossed by the Monte Pisano chain of mountains and the Apian Alps separate the province of Pisa from the province of Lucca. Within the 15 km of coastline in the province there are a few beach resort towns that attract a number of tourists each year; the southern part of the province is covered in typical Tuscan forested hills and attracts outdoor enthusiasts. Besides natural beauty, the province is also well known for its artistic attractions. One of the main squares of the capital city, also called Pisa, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Indeed, this square, called Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) is home to the Cathedral, composed in marble between the years of 1064 and 1118, and the famous Leaning Tower, constructed in the 12th century. Other Pisa attractions include the Baptistery and the ancient city walls.