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Calcinaia is a small urban center situated in the province of Pisa, in the region of Tuscany. Calcinaia is very conveniently located on the right side of the Arno River, and this fact has always played a great role in the economy of the town. Because of the presence of the river, in the past Calcinaia was the place where great Tuscan architects, such as Alessandro Manetti, built the first great hydraulic works, to bring the waters towards the sea. In the center of the town, you can admire the Church of San Giovanni Battista, with important frescos and statues. In the church you can also see the interesting Coro del Ligneo, built in the XVII century. Initially a castle, then a monastery for the Certosa di Calci, Villa Montacchio is another of the destinations that should be present on your check list. If you want a place to spend a relaxing and interesting weekend, Calcinaia is definitely the place for you. Visit and check out how many discount hotels Calcinaia has; if not in Calcinaia, cheap hotels can be found in the surrounding area. There are different types of Calcinaia hotels; get some information on the Internet on hotels in Calcinaia and decide which one suits you the best.