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    The Giardino Scotto, located in Pisa, Italy was at one time a citadel where people could go for shelter if there was a battle going on in the town. The citadel, or fortress, was built around the year 1406. Sometime later, the structure was demolished and then rebuilt by an architect called Giuliano da Sangallo. This version of the fortress was called Sangallos Fortress for obvious reasons. Then in the year 1798, it was purchased by a family by the name of Scotto. They transformed the fortress into a lovely palace with an expanse of beautiful green gardens. Giardino Scotto is a park and public garden in Pisa. This area is used frequently for various and sundry exhibitions as well as outdoor cinema evenings, concerts, plays and other theater performances. The park and garden are both lovely spots to settle back and relax.

    Address: Lungarno Leonardo Fibonacci, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy

    Phone: +39 050 910111