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The medieval town of Santa Luce in Pisa Province sits on a treed hillside in the renowned Tuscany Region and features the cultivation of grapes and olives. This town has many ancient buildings including Saint Lucy Parish, which used to house fine works of art. The parish was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1846 leveled it. Another interesting site is the Palace of Municipality in the community plaza. There are many activities you can partake of in this small town, including horseback riding, hiking, cycling and mountain biking. Since Santa Luce is near the coast of the Liguian Sea, there are several beaches nearby where you can also swim, dive, surf, fish, or go water skiing or wind surfing.There are several sites to see close to Santa Luce in the Tuscany Region, which is known for its many vineyards and olive groves. There is a nature park in Lago di Santa Luce, a number of nearby medieval villages and an archaeological site at Barattis Gulf. You might also want to take a day trip to Pisa, which is about 30 km away or Florence that is 70 km from Santa Luce. Pisa, which has the nearest airport Galileo Galilei - is famous for its 180-foot high leaning tower. Florence is a beautiful city with many statues, the Uffizi Gallery, the 13th century domed Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the 11th century Basilica di San Miniato al Monte.