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The town of Pescia is known for many things. To start with, the town is known for its dedication to producing the best papers in the world during the ancient times. You can see the extensive creations and facts in their Museum of Paper. Another attraction in Pescia is the collection of 10 castles that surround the village. Built in different centuries, you can visit them one by one and for sure you’ll have a great weekend. Pescia is finally known throughout Italy for its production of Flowers. That’s right, flowers. This agri-tourism draws thousands of visitors every year just to get a glimpse of the numerous flower farms in the area. You should also visit the Gipsoteca where more than 200 works of art are on display.Pescia is one of those towns in Italy known for its agricultural produce. If you’re looking to stay here for the summer, be sure to get Pescia hotels near the farms. These hotels in Pescia definitely give you a paradise-like view of acres of flowers that surrounds the village. Even the Pescia cheap hotels offer this kind of view right at your window. For best discount hotels, Pescia travel reservations can be found online and with great rates in