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For the best of the gothic structures in northern Italy, the commune of Pordenone stands out. When you visit there for the weekend, Pordenone will let you experience the ambience of the past as you visit the structures one by one. Among them is the Cathedral of St. Mark from the 14th century. The church has remarkable Gothic-Renaissance architecture plus the bell tower that rises at least 79 meters. Another gothic architecture is the Castello di Torre. The only remaining structure is its tower when the rest of the castle was destroyed in the 15th century. Artifacts from the Paleolithic to the bronze ages are on display in this tower that is now a museum. Palazzo Ricchieri is another structure that should be visited. This 13th century home is now the art museum or Pordenone.The hotels in Pordenone give its visitors a great view of some of the structures of the town. Some of the Pordenone hotels give its visitors a guided tour around the village and you can be informed better of the history of these buildings. Another attraction of the commune is the Silent Film Festival that happens ever 2nd to 3rd week of October. During these days, the Pordenone cheap hotels get easily crowded so be sure to book in advance. Its recommended that you book the discount hotels Pordenone provides in for a guaranteed reservation.