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Prata di Pordenone is famous for its furniture industry and thats why many visitors get here to see the beautiful collections. Aside from enjoying the well crafted furnishings, you can take advantage of the occasion to visit the well known sights on the lower plains of Prata. One of these is the Santa Lucia Church that was built in 1530. Its spectacular structural features have been restored over the years and it was erected with its majestic façade. Truly an ancient town, Prata also exhibits more attractive sights such as the Villa Morosoni that admirably depicts the Veneto style villas. Another one is the Villa Brunetti that shows off wonderful frescoes and amazing statues.For a satisfying weekend, Prata di Pordenone is a perfect destination. In, you can check out the top Prata di Pordenone hotels. Most hotels in Prata di Pordenone that offer great services are conveniently located around the attractions. The Prata di Pordenone cheap hotels have become in demand for smart travelers. If you prefer discount hotels, Prata di Pordenone has a good variety.