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San Vito al Tagliamento is a scenic town in northeastern Italy that dates back to the 10th century. It is situated in Pordenone Province, Friuli Region beside the Tagliamento River. The river, which flows freely to the Adriatic Sea nourishes area vineyards. It is also a fun spot for area children who like to dive into the river. This town is known for its history, culture and art. Sites to see include the ancient village walls, a tower called Torre Raimonda and the local park. When you come to San Vito al Tagliamento, you should also visit the weekly market in Palazzo Rota. Events in San Vito Tagliamento include the Hicentnunc Art Festival in the Battuti building held on the weekend. The best photographs from galleries around the world arrive for this exhibition. San Vito Tagliamento and area offer many upscale and cheaper discount hotels. For a listing of San Vito Tagliamento hotels, go to