Hotels in Poggio a Caiano

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Poggio a Caiano Details

This beautiful city of Poggio a Caiano can be found near Pistoia and the Appenine Alps of Italy. The most dominant feature of the town is the Villa of Poggio a Caiano. This was built and owned by Lorenzo de Medici. Another popular destination is the Cerreto and the Park of Barco. Here is where the 18th century city hall can also be found. The Mascherone is a fountain in the park that attracts a lot of visitors. The Church of San Rosario is a popular Christian site in Poggio a Caiano found in the Piazza San Rosario. It was constructed in 1889 and was added a bell tower in 1911. The Limonaia is another beauty with water reserves created by Poccianti in 1825.Discover the rest of the destinations by booking for Poggio a Caiano hotels today. You can find different hotels in Poggio a Caiano ranging from cheap Poggio a Caiano hotels to the priciest ones. With the help of, you can search for discount hotels Poggio a Caiano has to offer. Who knows You may not be just staying for a weekend. Poggio a Caiano may leave you wanting to stay longer.