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Vittoria is a town overlooking the Ippari River in the province of Ragusa in the region of Sicily in Italy. The town was founded in 1607 and now has a population of more than sixty one thousand people. The main produce of the town is olive oil, wine, fruit and vegetables. Most of the bars and restaurants in the town are open at the weekend; Vittoria is a pretty town and well worth visiting. Vittoria hotels welcome families with children as well as other guests. You will find that most of the hotels in Vittoria make visitors welcome and offer comfortable surroundings. You should make a point of visiting the Tetra Communal or Communal Theater while you are in the town.If you are trying to stick to a budget then book at one of the discount hotels that Vittoria has. If you book your holiday early then you might find accommodation in one of the Vittoria cheap hotels. Vittoria does attract a lot of visitors and it’s a good idea to make your reservations over the internet through sites like While you are in the area then visit the eighteenth century Madre Church and the Santa Maria delle Grazie church.